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Finally the Pokemon game remake we all have been waiting for is now available for everyone of us to enjoy. Approximately more than a decade ago, Pokemon Sapphire was released as one of the third generation game together with Ruby and Emerald. It has been regarded during that time as one of the best version of its generation and with that Pokemon gamers around the globe are very excited for the new Sapphire version on the 3DS platform dubbed as Alpha Sapphire. What is good about this isthe fact that a Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom is just a click away for anyone who wants to play with it. I, myself, have already downloaded the ROM file with some of my friends, and we find this so much fun and interesting. Now for those of you who do not have a Nintendo 3DS console, worry not because you can still play it using the 3DS emulators that is compatible on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android systems.

Pokemon is well known to be a game played by all ages contrary to its popular notion of being a game just for the young generations. It is more than just utilizing skills. It is a game where a player is encouraged to think and strategize especially in battles against different trainers that you will meet along your way. Same is true with all the game versions that have been released previously and just recently. The only difference that is very obvious is the fact that the game looks better now with a relatively advanced technology on the 3DS systems. Nevertheless, 3D or not, Nintendo's Pokemon games have always been one of the best in its category.

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